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Michael and Pauline on 25th March, the day we got the ringMrs. Florence Cobb of Kinallen, Co. Down
is pleased to announce the engagement of her only daughter

to Mr. Michael High,
only son of Bernard and Jean High
of Guildford, Surrey.

The happy couple were married on
Friday 29th August, 2003.


This may come as a bit of a surprise to our friends as we only started going out in January. However, that is nothing compared to shock Florence experienced when she discovered our intentions. As the saying goes, "Behind every successful man is a surprised mother-in-law".

The ring has 4 larger diamonds set around a central diamond on an 18ct gold bandWe became officially engaged on  Tuesday 25th March. I know that blokes are not accustomed to enthusing about the ring and few have done so publicly. So for those who prefer to look privately on the web, here is a close up picture. Quite frankly, I think the shot is a disappointment as it does not sparkle like the real thing at all! Pauline is more than happy to wave the ring in front of any and everyone who expresses interest!

Having acquired my new name, my e-mail address has been changed. Please e-mail for details as I don’t want to attract spam by publishing it here.


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